Marcus Brown literally paints with his self-created sound producing brush-instruments while singing hip-hop vocals on top of a dark electronic-hop backdrop.

For over a decade Brown has been making sound producing painting instruments and using them to create works of visual and musical art.

PAINT WITH MUSIC is a band / performance group that Brown formed to bring his musical painting work to a live audiences and to collaborate with other musicians in the process of making a work of art.

In demonstrating this new genre of music and art, Brown has collaborated with many talented and renowned musicians including Nathan Weidenhaft , Snap ( Sylvester Andrews), Eric Gold, Steve Masakowski, Sasha Masakowski , Goug Garrison, Bill Summers, Brian Seeger, Cliff Hines, ,Khari Allen Lee,  Devin Phillips, Mark De Florio , Chuck Barber, Nathan J. Normand , Tyrone Brown, Signal Path, Eric Bigger, Norman Sylvester and many more.  

In June, avant-garde artist, educator, inventor and musician Marcus Brown released Peinture Concrete. But this danceable, heavily synthesized and jazz-infused album wasn’t made in the traditional sense. The son of an electrical engineer, Brown is a natural tinkerer. His curiosity about how things work coupled with a passion for art and music led him to invent a new process for creating art and soundscapes, down to the altered and amplified tools he uses. Brown dubbed this new medium “electro-sonic painting.”LISA DALIET OffBeat Magazine

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